When stressed, do you go for drinks, exercise, party or sleep it away? These are not bad approaches but they are at best; temporary. When stress really hits you, it reaches to the core of our being and it starts affecting most of your life - work, physical health, relationships and essentially your wellbeing. 

What about exploring a new way to manage stress? Many people have found therapy and personal coaching beneficial. We see the practice of mindfulness helping you:

• Know yourself better thus being able to align with your values and personal goals

• Develop stress-relieving skills

• Gain a healthier mental state to manage depression, anxiety or other stress-related issues

• Improve general health

• Engage with your emotions and develop solutions to cope with stress

• Improve psychological distress for those experiencing long-term effects of stress

•  Experience healthier relationships


How can I help you?

Based on the mindfulness approach, I am able to tailor a plan for you in these areas:

• Stress management

• Anxiety management

• Panic attack(s) management

• Depression management