Managing Anxiety

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We all experience anxiety on occasions and the feeling typically passes after the situation that caused us to feel anxious is over. Anxiety is part of life but it becomes problematic when we are always anxious, worried or feeling overwhelmed without a particular reason. Ultimately, anxiety makes it hard to cope with daily life.

The Anxiety Build-Up
There is usually no single cause for anxiety but most people encounter numerous factors that opens them to experience anxiety.
• Research have shown that anxious parents may instill similar attitudes of fear and worry in their children.
• A stressful environment or being triggered by memories of an unresolved trauma or a difficult experience.
• Certain personalities in an individual such as timidity, perfectionism, lack of self-esteem or desire to control.
• Life events, for example ; parenthood, job change, lifestyle change, abuse or trauma, death.

Identifying Anxiety
You could be experiencing anxiety if you frequently find yourself:
• Nervous
• Hopeless
• Restless and fidgety
• Tired without specific reason
• Sad without specific reason
• Worthless
• Depressed

Managing Anxiety
You may have anxiety due to one or more reasons. Anxiety is inter-related to stress and you want to work on it before it reaches the stage of becoming a stressor to your well-being. To get to the root of anxiety requires introspection and a re-examination within us. I believe that the practice of mindfulness can help you be engaged in the present and guide you to learn more about yourself and what causes you to feel anxious. 

Anxiety does not have to take over your life. Talk to me to find out how I can journey with you towards a better well-being.