Managing Panic attacks


Feelings of terror, usually without warning, will strike an individual and results in physical effects. These attacks often lead to the development of anxiety as the person begins to worry when will the next panic attack strike.

The Panic Attack Build-Up

Factors that offset the trigger to panic attacks can include internal conflict(s), loss of someone dear, an ongoing battle with illness OR fear even after recovery and even injuries from accidents or surgery could trigger panic in an individual.

Identifying Panic Attacks
A panic attack can result in one (or more) of the below:
• Feeling weak
• Rapid perspiration
• Pounding heart
• Dizziness
• Numb feeling in the hands
• Feeling cold or flushed
• Feeling suffocated
• Trembling / shaking
• Feeling detached from oneself
• Fear of losing control
• Abdominal discomfort

Managing Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are not uncommon but many people are unable to acknowledge what is affecting them. They live in fear and if prolonged, leads to a unhealthy mindset and well-being. I believe that the practice of mindfulness can help you be engaged in the present and guide you to learn more about yourself and what causes you to be exposed to panic attacks. 

Panic attack does not have to take over your life. Talk to me to find out how I can journey with you towards a better well-being